Landlords who let residential property in the private rented sector can be regarded as ‘rouge landlords’ just because of a small minority. In reality, the vast majority of landlords do a fantastic job and provide quality accommodation for their tenants. Accreditation is for these people doing a fantastic job!

The aim of the Private Rented Sector Accreditation Scheme is to offer those good landlords a platform to be publicly recognised for being good.


Accredited landlords receive many benefits including:

… See our extensive list of benefits

* Subject to continuous compliance with criteria and code of conduct. Passport accreditation is for lower of expiry of accreditation passporting from or a maximum of 3 years.

Development course

At the heart of accreditation is the development course. There are a number of ways to complete it:

  • Complete on-line development course
  • Complete a development course by attending a local event
  • Already attended an approved course? – Become accredited from that course
  • Already accredited with another scheme? – Passport for free

Read more about these options and the costs

How to achieve accredited status

In order to achieve accredited status, a landlord must complete / agree the following:

Members of the Guild of Residential Landlords get on-line accreditation for £10.00

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Approved Suppliers

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