The Private Rented Sector Accreditation Scheme provides accreditation for tenants.

Private tenants who look after their rented accommodation responsibly, honour the tenancy agreement with their landlord and show respect to their neighbours deserve to be acknowledged with a special status – accreditation does just that.

Private renting is becoming increasingly popular and landlords look out for responsible tenants to rent to. Accredited tenants and those who are happy to sign up to an accredited tenant scheme will have a competitive edge when seeking new accommodation.

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PRSAS supports a responsible private residential rented sector through the operation of Landlords and Tenants Accreditation Schemes

The Accreditation process acknowledges and encourages responsible private landlords and tenants.

  • PRSAS encourages all new tenants and landlords to participate in the scheme.
  • Landlord and Tenant Accreditation Schemes are supported by the Government


Responsible landlords who voluntarily join PRSAS agree to provide quality accommodation services and for which are awarded accreditation status by PRSAS.

Aim of the Accredited Tenant Scheme

The Accredited Tenant Scheme acknowledges and encourages responsible tenants by providing an Accredited Tenants Certificate to tenants who comply with the requirements of the Tenant’s Code in addition to their normal contractual tenancy agreement.

The Tenant’s Code contains reasonable common sense requirements obligating tenants to show respect for their accommodation, their neighbours and their contract with their landlord.

How to become accredited

Tenants who wish to take advantage of the scheme, together with their landlord, sign two copies of the scheme, one copy is kept by the landlord and the other by the tenant

At the end of the tenancy, provided that the Tenants Code has been complied with, the landlord recommends the tenant to the scheme operator who issues the Certificate of Accreditation to the tenant.