Complaint Procedure

All our accredited landlords or agents must adhere to our code of conduct, criteria of being accredited and complaints procedure and full details of this procedure and the redress we are allowed to provide is detailed in that document.

If you have a complaint against one of our members, you may use our redress scheme by initially completing the form below. A member may instigate a complaint via the form below too.

A tenant may use this procedure to complain against a landlord or letting agent member or, a landlord client of a letting agent who is a member may also use this complaint procedure.

The person complaining will be known as the “complainant” and the person whom you are complaining about will be known as the “respondent”

Before a complaint is made, the complainant must have followed the respondents complaints procedure fully (they must have a procedure as part of our membership which for small landlords or agents might just be a point of contact). We are unable to assist until you have fully completed their complaints procedure and will only accept a complaint if you remain unsatisfied.

We won’t be able to offer assistance if the complaint is one of a legal nature for example if you believe a notice served is invalid due to containing the wrong date. Nor can we get involved if you allege any criminal activity as that is a matter for the Magistrates Court or Police. However, if you believe a member has been convicted of a criminal offence, you may use this form to notify us.

Where a complaint is particularly difficult or complex, PRSAS may contact independent bodies such as the local authority, tenant groups or other organisations for alternative opinion.

Complaint form

Your Details

Landlord Details

This is not the tenancy address and we use this address to try to locate the landlord on our records


Please provide a brief summary of the nature of the complaint. If we need more information, we will contact you.
By ticking the box, you acknowledge that we may contact any person, company or body including the respondent (person or company whom you are complaining about) about this complaint and that we may pass your details to any person, company or body for the purpose of this complaint.

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