Tenants Code of Conduct

Below is the code of conduct that an accredited landlord or agent should provide to the tenant at the same time as the tenancy agreement.


Adoption of the Accredited Tenants Scheme and compliance or non-compliance with the provisions of the Scheme does not affect the statutory rights of people seeking housing. Participants of the Scheme agree to comply with and accept that amendments can be made to the contents or operation of the Scheme by PRSAS subject to consultation with the relevant parties, whereupon members of the Scheme will be notified of any changes.

PRSAS makes no representation nor warrants and no warranty shall be implied that PRSAS has approved, or in any way endorsed any particular dwelling, landlord or tenant. PRSAS shall not be liable to any person or persons for any information contained in the Scheme or supplemental document or reliance upon it or for any loss, damage or injury or any disputes proceedings or claims by or between any person or persons (and whether or not including or against PRSAS) whatsoever or howsoever arising from any information herein contained or any supplemental document.


Private Rented Sector Accreditation Scheme 2011. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or any means including photocopying and recording, without the written permission of PRSAS. Any Coat of Arms and / or Accreditation Scheme logo may not be reproduced without the prior written permission of PRSAS.

1. General Conduct

The tenant will ensure that:-

  1. They have read and understand the tenancy agreement.
  2. They abide by all the terms and conditions in the tenancy agreement.
  3. They conduct their relationships with their landlord, his agent and contractors and fellow-tenants courteously throughout the tenancy.
  4. They behave in a ‘tenant like manner’ by carrying out day to day maintenance and not causing damage to the property.
  5. They respond to the landlord in a timely manner.

2. Commencement of Tenancy

The tenant will ensure that:-

  1. Any references that might be required by the landlord/agent are, to the best of their belief, authentic
  2. They contact all relevant utility companies to register supplies in their name
  3. They register with the local authority’s council Tax Department or, where appropriate, provide exemption certificates
  4. They carry out an inspection of the dwelling with reference to the inventory and inform the landlord in writing of any damage, defects or inaccuracies. Copies should be signed by all parties.

3. During the Tenancy

The tenant will ensure that:-

  1. They behave in a reasonable manner and not to cause a nuisance to their neighbours.
  2. They do not create excessive noise, which causes a nuisance to neighbours, having regard to the time and location of sensitive areas within neighbouring premises.
  3. They allow the landlord to discharge their duty

4. Looking after their letting

The tenant will ensure that:-

  1. On receipt of reasonable notice, normally 24 hours minimum, they provide the landlord/agent or any person acting on their behalf access to the dwelling in order to carry out an inspection or make repairs
  2. They maintain the dwelling in a clean and tidy condition especially the kitchen and bathroom
  3. They replace spent light bulbs.
  4. They keep external drainage gullies free from debris
  5. They promptly inform the landlord of defects

5. Visual Appearance

The tenant will ensure that:-

  1. They keep gardens/yards free from refuse and in a tidy condition

6. Health & Safety

The tenant will ensure that:-

  1. All gas and electrical appliances are used only in a manner for which they were designed

7. Fire Safety

The tenant will ensure that:-

  1. They follow instructions for fire safety.
  2. Fire doors are kept closed and not wedged open.
  3. They do not obstruct any stairways, landings and passageways which provide a route of escape in case of fire.
  4. They do not interfere with or remove any appliances or equipment provided for fire safety.
  5. They take all necessary precautions with cooking equipment and naked flames e.g. candles, T-lights, gas hobs and not to leave them unattended.
  6. Not to use or bring onto the premises any portable gas or paraffin heaters

8. Alarms

The tenant will ensure that:-

  1. Where a burglar alarm is provided, key holder details are registered with the police and local authority

9. Security

The tenant will ensure that:-

  1. They keep the dwelling secure using all the facilities provided

10. Refuse

The tenant will ensure that:-

  1. They store refuse in a proper hygienic way and put out for collection on the day and in the manner required by the waste collection service.

11. At the end of the tenancy

The tenant will ensure that:-

  1. They give the required notice as required by the tenancy agreement.
  2. They return all keys on termination of the tenancy.
  3. They settle all outstanding accounts on termination of the tenancy.
  4. They leave the dwelling in a reasonably clean condition on vacation of the dwelling and remove their belongings.
  5. They leave the dwelling in no worse condition having regard to fair wear and tear as at the commencement of the tenancy.
  6. They will be present at the check-out inspection unless otherwise agreed.
  7. They will make suitable arrangements for the forwarding of mail

12. Tenancy Disputes

The tenant agrees to:-

  1. Deal with disputes promptly and reasonably and recognise the authority of the Landlord Accreditation Scheme Operator’s Review Panel



Tenant’s Declaration

I confirm that I have read and understood the Accredited Tenant’s Scheme including this Tenant’s Code and that I agree to comply with it’s terms and conditions.

Tenant’s signature(s)


Landlord’s Declaration

If this code is complied with, I will nominate the tenant’s for accredited status to PRSAS who will (subject to approval) award the tenant’s accredited status.

Landlord’s signature


Copies to be kept by the landlord and the tenant(s).