How Tenants Scheme Works

The Accredited Tenant Scheme is operated by PRSAS, whose landlords are members of the Private Rented Sector Accreditation Scheme. The Scheme is funded by the Guild of Residential Landlords and PRSAS. The Accredited Tenant Scheme is voluntary for tenants.

All accredited landlords may offer participation in the Accredited Tenant Scheme to all prospective tenants. The requirements of the Accredited Tenant Scheme are contained in the Tenants Code

Tenants who wish to take advantage of the scheme, together with their landlord, sign two copies of the scheme, one copy is kept by the landlord and the other by the tenant

An PRSAS accredited managing agent can sign on behalf of a landlord

The Scheme will apply to individual occupiers in the case of a joint tenancy, although the scheme operator reserves the right to not issue Certificates to particular, or all individuals, where particular individuals, or the group as a whole, have not complied with the Tenant’s Code

At the end of the tenancy, provided that the Tenants Code has been complied with, the landlord recommends the tenant to PRSAS who issues the Certificate of Accreditation to the tenant.

PRSAS must keep a record of Certificates issued.

Where landlords are of the opinion that the Tenant’s Code has not been complied with, thus making the tenant ineligible for recommendation as an Accredited Tenant, they shall, on request, provide the tenant with written details of their non-compliance.

PRSAS will assist resolution on an informal basis in cases of dispute. Referrals of disputes to PRSAS for resolution must be in writing and without delay

In cases where a dispute cannot be resolved informally, the Landlord Accreditation Scheme Review Panel will arbitrate and their decision will be final.