Passport from Other Landlord Accreditation

Passport from another accreditation scheme

If you are already accredited, you can passport into PRSAS for free subject to the scheme being approved. This allows your accreditation to be national (but some authorities may not approve PRSAS so please check first). You will have to agree our code of conduct and criteria of being accredited (but see below).

The passported PRSAS accreditation will run until the lower of when your other accreditation expires or a maximum of 3 years (e.g. if you have 2 years and 2 months left on your other accreditation, your PRSAS accreditation will run for two years and two months but if you have 4 years on your other accreditation, PRSAS will be for 3 years before renewal required.)



Key benefits:

  • Free of charge
  • Get national coverage of your accreditation
  • We can passport from Wales scheme
  • Still get all the same discounts

Approved schemes

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Because Training for Professionals who provides the training for PRSAS also provides training for the Welsh Landlords Accreditation Scheme, we work very closely with the Wales scheme. At this moment, Wales are looking into the possibility of on-line courses but for now, they wish accreditation to be through their own scheme.

Therefore if you and your properties are in Wales, then please see the WLAS website.

If the majority of your properties are in England but maybe you have the odd one in Wales, it maybe possible for Wales to passport you from PRSAS in which case please contact us so we can discuss this.

Welsh Landlords Accreditation Scheme