Major opportunity for landlords, and for London to get its share of energy suppliers’ money

New analysis by the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme shows that privately rented homes in London should benefit from at least £90m of improvement grants from energy companies over the next two years, but it’s up to London’s landlords to claim their share of the money. In the past, London’s homes have missed out on this investment.

For one date left, 12 March 2013 and for just £20, landlords can receive expert training about how to get the new grants.  London Landlords Accreditation Scheme (LLAS) is running the training programme on the Energy Company Obligation – ECO – funding which is part of the government’s new Green Deal. ECO funding can be spent on improving insulation, windows and central heating, particularly in Victorian properties.

LLAS are also providing £75 cash back for the home energy assessments that are the first step for accessing the new money.

The government has obliged energy companies to invest in home improvements for many years. But private landlords, particularly in London, have historically not had their share of the investment. Most of the money went to other parts of Great Britain; for example homes in the North West have been nearly three times more likely than homes in London to benefit from major insulation grants.  Now the rules are changing and LLAS want London landlords take full advantage of the money.

David Princep, chairman of LLAS said,

”There’s a lot of ECO money now available but, without training, landlords may struggle to get all the grant funding they’re entitled to.  The government’s told the energy companies to create different pots of Energy Company Obligation funding.  The first, and biggest, part of the money is going to homes that are expensive to insulate, especially older properties.   Victorian homes are very common in London and most of them could potentially benefit from this money. Other ECO money is going to homes where the residents are on lower incomes, and for particular poorer communities. “

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“We think our £20 training is a great opportunity for landlords, many of whom could receive thousands of pounds of grant funding to improve the homes they rent out.”

ECO money is needed. Seventeen percent of privately rented homes fall in the bottom F and G energy bands compared to just 4% of housing associations homes. But ECO isn’t just for homes in poor condition: many of London’s smartest period homes are now getting solid wall insulation, making them warmer and more comfortable.

Princep said,

“Landlords sometimes have a bad reputation, but at LLAS we work with thousands of landlords who are committed to providing high quality housing for their tenants.  It’s great that ECO will provide new funding to improve the warmth and comfort of their homes.  One in four homes in London is rented privately and this money could have a huge impact. We’re calling London’s landlords to attend our £20 training to find out how to benefit from ECO.”

£20 ECO Training sessions (half day, morning courses):
Tuesday 12 March – in Camden
To book the training call 02079742838 or email llas.greendeal[at]
LLAS may be able to arrange interviews with landlords.