What is accreditation?

Landlords who let residential property in the private rented sector and letting agents who act on their behalf can be regarded as ‘‘rogue landlords’ or bad agents’ just because of a small minority. In reality, the vast majority of landlords and letting agents do a fantastic job and provide quality accommodation for their tenants. Accreditation is for these people doing a fantastic job!

Private Rented Sector Accreditation Scheme


The aim of the Private Rented Sector Accreditation Scheme is to offer good landlords a platform to be publicly recognised for being good at their job (and it really is a very hard job!)

The scheme is suitable for a landlord operating as an individual or company.

Letting and Managing Agents

The aim of the Private Rented Sector Accreditation Scheme is to offer good agents a platform to be publicly recognised.

There are a few differences between accreditation for landlords and agents but the main are that at least one member of staff per office must complete the development course, agents must have client money protection and there is an additional agent development module to be completed.

Benefits to Being Accredited

Public Recognition

Be publicly recognised for being a good landlord and agent. We’re tired of hearing the term “rogue landlord” or “rogue agent” and accreditation gives you the opportunity to stand out from the rest.

Buildings Insurance

Get discounted buildings insurance rates through our dedicated policy. Because of our combined membership with the Guild of Residential Landlords, we can achieve competitively discounted buildings insurance rates for landlords.


Deposit Fees

Landlords get discounted deposit protection rates through the Deposit Protection Service insurance based scheme (meaning you can retain the deposit money in your own account).

Free Legal Updates

Free (optional) access to the email notifications of new articles by the Guild of Residential Landlords. Choose from regular or only the few more important articles.

Use PRSAS Logo

Have complete use of the PRSAS logo to show off you are accredited. We have several options to suit landlords and agents.

Discounted Advertising

Landlords get a 50% discounted rate for advertising through upad.co.uk who will advertise your property to rent on all the big names such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

Dedicated Members Area

Make use of our dedicated members area where you can access the development course, mange your continuous professional development and obtain discount codes and links.

Marketing Edge

Tenants are more and more savvy and don’t just want quality accommodation but also quality landlords and agents who offer quality service. Being accredited sets you apart from other landlords or agents who are not doing as good a job as you.

Guild Discounts

At first signup, discounts to joining the Guild of Residential Landlords are offered. For landlords or small agents, £30.00 (normally £80.00). Larger agents with 3 or more staff £60.00 (normally £120.00) for one years subscription. Thereafter, the £80.00 rate is reduced to £70.00 each renewal.

Local Authority

Some local authorities (but not all so please check) offer discounts and incentives for accredited members. These include discounted HMO licensing fees, dedicated point of contact, parking permits, free waste disposal and pre-action correspondence.


Often Training for Professionals provide webinars on all ranges of landlord and tenant subjects. Often these are discounted or even free for accredited members.

Tenant Report

Under consideration / coming soon … We are considering the development of a product to help with the Immigration Act 2014 ID checking requirements. If this happens accredited members will get a discounted rate.

To become accredited the development course must be completed or passport from some other scheme


Attend a locally
£125/3 years
  • Attend local course
  • Discounted deposit fees
  • Public recognition
  • Discounted advertising
  • Discounted buildings insurance
  • Free legal and news updates
  • Marketing edge
  • Use the PRSAS logo


Already attended a course?
£40/3 years
  •  No course needed
  • Discounted deposit fees
  • Public recognition
  • Discounted advertising
  • Discounted buildings insurance
  • Free legal and news updates
  • Marketing edge
  • Use the PRSAS logo


Already accredited?
£Free/3 years*
  •  Quick and easy passport
  • Discounted deposit fees
  • Public recognition
  • Discounted advertising
  • Discounted buildings insurance
  • Free legal and news updates
  • Marketing edge
  • Use the PRSAS logo

Online Development Course

Becoming accredited by completing the development course online allows you to complete the course in your own time (must be within 3 months) and from the comfort of your own home or office. Landlords must complete the landlord development course and agents must complete both the landlord development course and the agent module. At least one member of staff per office for agents must also complete the two courses.

Face-to-Face Development Course

The development course can be done face-to-face by attending a venue close to your area. In the rare circumstance that there is low demand in your particular area, either arrangements will be made or alternatively, a partial refund will be provided allowing you to complete the course online and it won’t have cost you the extra.

Approved Course

Already completed an approved course?

If you have already completed a course that we approve (for example through Training for Professionals), you may become accredited for a much lower cost (sometimes free) and you get all the same benefits.

Please note: if you have completed a development course which “includes” accreditation, you can passport into Private Rented Sector Accreditation Scheme for free – see next.


Already accredited?

If you are already accredited, you can passport into PRSAS for free subject to the scheme being approved. This allows your accreditation to be national (but some authorities may not approve PRSAS so please check first). You will have to agree our code of conduct and criteria of being accredited (but see below).

*The passported PRSAS accreditation will run until the lower of when your other accreditation expires or a maximum of 5 years (e.g. if you have 2 years and 2 months left on your other accreditation, your PRSAS accreditation will run for two years and two months but if you have 6 years on your other accreditation, PRSAS will be for 5 years before renewal required.)

In most cases, agents will have to complete the online agent module even if already accredited elsewhere because very few provide this additional module. This will be dealt with on a case by case basis and a charge may be made in this case.

Continuous Professional Development

In order to maintain accredited status, a member must complete at least 10 CPD hours per annum. Members can track and edit their hours on this website. Where the member has at least 30 CPD hours at the three year renewal, although a fee may be payable, the development course will not be necessary.

Activities that provide CPD hours include:-

  • Completing CPD content provided by us. A list of available CPD is on the membership page
  • Passing the on-line or attendance based course will earn 8 CPD hours
  • One years subscription to the Guild of Residential Landlords will earn 6 CPD hours
  • Being a member of other recognised landlords associations (NLA, RLA, NALS etc.) earns 4 CPD hours
  • Attending local authority forums (CPD hours depends on forum but as a rule, 1 per hour)
  • Attending landlord association meetings (CPD hours depends on meeting but as a rule, 1 per hour)
  • Any training (attendance based or webinars) provided by Training for Professionals will notify you of the amount of CPD hours the training is worth.
  • A letter of recommendation from a tenant, which includes confirmation that the landlord has complied with the Code of Conduct, may also contribute to CPD. The tenant would need to be willing to provide their contact details and copy of lease signed pages.
  • Additional activities may be awarded CPD points, but are subject to approval by PRSAS. Any requests for CPD to be awarded for activities other than those included here should be submitted in writing to the scheme administrator.

Conditions for obtaining CPD:

Landlords must retain evidence of attendance at events and activities including on-line activities.

Local authorities may issue CPD certificates to landlords who participate in local authority events.

Spot checks will be conducted from time to time.

Penalties for provision of false information or mis-recording may include expulsion from PRSAS

If no CPD is undertaken in the 3 years of accreditation then the landlord will need to attend the PRSAS one day development course or complete the on-line course.


Code of Practice and Criteria for Being Accredited

All landlords and agents must agree that they meet the criteria for being accredited and will comply with our code of practice throughout the term of accreditation.

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